From Humble Beginings

A humble restaurant turned into a private boutique winery in Belgium. Treasure Vintage started out from a restaurant to become a small boutique winery with Sommeliers. Since 2012, Treasure Vintage had moved its operation into an online auction marketplace to sell its unique collection of vintage wines collected throughout the world. Treasure Vintage has more than 12 years’ experience in buying and selling old and exclusive fine wines.

Every month Treasure Vintage succeed in buying between 100 and sometimes 1,000 bottles from respectable private wine cellars. On each occasion, they meticulously check that the wine has been constantly stored under the optimal conditions over the years. Having great success on its online auction platform, Treasure Vintage will be partnering with UAP, the only blockchain auction network to ensure a more transparent and secured transaction for its users.

Our Founder

Elliot O Ryan, Assistant Director

As the foremost expert of wines in Europe, Ryan has been educating on wines and working in the sector for over 16 years.Ryan has a Degree at University of Ghent with a Commerce Degree. He is an accomplished business man,Ryan has a broad range of skills from business development, strategic thinking and mapping and financial acumen.


Seeing and Smelling the Wine

Learn how to taste wine with 4 basic steps. The following wine tasting tips are practiced by sommeliers to refine their palates and sharpen their ability to recall wines. Even though this method is used by pros, it’s actually quite simple to understand and can help anyone to improve their wine palate.